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MBBPIG Kapari's Ain't Nothin' But A G Thang


Ginnie: Testimonials

Ch Paquestone's paraNormal Norman X Can GCh Paquestone Kapari Livin' It Up NTD

Amiga is bred and owned by us. She is my giant class clown. Makes laugh daily and her cuteness gets her out of most of the trouble she gets herself into. She is super smart and regularly outsmarts the adult dogs.  

Amiga's first weekend out in the show ring as a baby puppy she came home with two Best Baby Puppy in Group wins. She loves the ring as she gets to meet all the new people, she really thinks it is all about her. She has yet to meet a stranger and is super outgoing. She will continue to be shown in Canada and the USA. 

Ginnie: Welcome
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