We are planning a fall litter. Parents to be announced once pregnancy is confirmed.

Accepting applications.  

If you're looking for something sooner let us know and we'd be happy to help you find a local breeder. 

It is important when you're looking at breeders that they are active members in good standing with their local and/or national breed clubs. It MOST important to verify the health testing yourself that is done on the parents of the dogs through OFA. This is something that is simple do to by looking up the registered name of the dog. Health testing IS public record, there is zero reason for a breeder to not have their health testing listed on OFA and breeders should be proud to share the results with you. Make sure to always look at the information yourself on the www.ofa.org website. Health testing that is required in Great Danes are: Hips, Elbows (optional), Heart (by echocardiogram), Eyes, and Thyroid. 

Ginnie and baby Liv